I have an affinity for creating ideas and making them come to life. I spent my college years studying Video Technology, Film Producing & Writing learning the ends and outs of how to run a production from idea to exhibition. Over the years, I've worked in event coordinating and collaborated with other professionals & small businesses to create videos and short films. Currently, I'm committed to supporting communities I'm apart of and share our stories across all different types of mediums for various types of audiences. Occult Generation, a comic book series, is the first of many projects that emanate this ambitious commitment.

Creative Producer

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I took my first meditation class after my 8th grade graduation. Like most of you, I was quite empathic growing up and was lucky to have an outlet where I could learn how to validate my awareness and manage life's unexpected curve balls. Having over 17 years of training at psychic schools and professional experiences, I joyfully play in the game of life as a highly-aware creative, practitioner and teacher. Currently, I'm established in the San Francisco Bay Area continuing my education and practice along with building community awareness surrounding energy and the psychic lifestyle. I also teach psychic classes and workshops online via webcam with Portland Psychic School and in-person in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Visionary Healer

“Being psychic isn’t what it use to be [fortune telling, flying unicorns, and magic tricks]. Believe it or not, psychic stuff is happening within and around us all the time. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, there is great value in having your own truth and awareness available to you.”



An energy reading session provides a sense of clarity that supports people in having a new style of awareness about themselves and the things that matter to them most. It is a means to find a clear, neutral perspective to the questions you are asking yourself on a daily basis about life purpose, health, work, love, and so much more. The purpose of a psychic reading varies, but it can be seen as a means to acknowledge and explore the true essence of a person.

An energy healing is a great way to create a space for yourself to get your energy back to its natural movement. I offer various types of safe and gentle energy healing that focuses on supporting you in getting back in touch with your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Energy healing is great for those experiencing stress, anxiety, grief, physical pain, lack of sleep, creative obstacles, and more.


& Trainings

The psychic classes and trainings are designed to safely explore tools that support people in having more awareness around their creativity and psychic abilities of sensing, seeing, and knowing. These courses are a great way for students to begin exploring information on caring for their own energy on a daily basis & so much more. You can participate from anywhere in the world via webcam.

Psychic workshops are one-time events on a variety of topics for students of all levels that are held online or in-person at Portland Psychic School and San Francisco bay area locations. Did you know you can book a psychic for your next event? learn more about how you can add a unique and memorable experience at your next gathering.

& Events


Occult Generation

Comic Series

A successfully Kickstarter funded graphic novel series set in 1927 during the Harlem Renaissance. We are calling this collaborative project, “a comic book made like a movie” using real life actors as the characters. After production, the artist uses a unique digital methodology to create comic book magic.

Fukuda Clan Productions

Film and Video

Founded in 2013 by the Fukuda Family. You can check out some of the video projects of worked on over the years as a producer and director at my Tumblr page. Check it out:



A Medium.com publication created to promote unconventional perspectives on all types of compelling subjects that inspire new actions and considerations in the world. My commitment with this publication is to investigate the truth of ideas through the lens of fearless creatives that provoke inspiration and benefit all who read it.


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