I have an affinity for creating ideas and making them come to life. I spent my college years studying Video Technology, Film Producing & Writing learning the ends and outs of how to run a production from idea to exhibition. Over the years, I've worked in event coordinating and collaborated with other professionals & small businesses to create videos and short films. Currently, I'm committed to supporting communities I'm apart of and share our stories across all different types of medium.

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At a young age, I was aware of my sensitivity to other people’s emotions and thought them to be my own. After my 8th grade graduation, I took my first meditation class which lead me to acknowledge that all of that sensitivity was just me being psychic. Over time, I've conducted thousands of psychic readings and energy healings. I currently teach at Portland Psychic School and provide one-on-one intuitive healing services online and in-person. As a psychic teacher and practitioner, my focus is to support others in trusting their own abilities.

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What are your dreams? Who are you as a Dreamer? What goals or desires do you want to bring from the realm of dreams...

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Art of the Healer Training begins April 2019


Everything is energy. Here at Portland Psychic School, we work with energy and meditation tools that create an experiential understanding of psychic energy; how...

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Energy Healing Drop-ins Online & In Portland


Our weekly Energy Healing Drop-Ins are an opportunity for you to come in and receive healings from students and teachers in our Art of...

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Receiving a psychic energy reading is a safe and exciting way to explore yourself and the things that matter to you most. The goal of a psychic reading is not to tell your future, but to give you a clear picture about the energies you are connecting to and interacting with in your life. There are various ways we can approach a session together and there will be plenty of time for questions.

Getting an energy healing is a way to get your body, mind and spirit in its natural flow and movement. I offer various types of safe and gentle energy healing that focuses on supporting you in getting back in touch with your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Energy healing is great for those experiencing stress, anxiety, grief, physical pain, lack of sleep, creative obstacles, and more.


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At Portland Psychic School, we teach that psychic abilities, like creativity, are a completely natural part of life and can enhance your experience of the world around you. Being psychic is not about crystal balls, reading palms, telling fortunes, and lifting curses - being psychic is trusting your natural ability to experience energy - and the things you sense, see, and know. This has broad application to every area and aspect of your life - not just giving readings.

You can now book me as a psychic reader or healer for your upcoming event in Portland, OR. I've conducted thousands of psychic readings and energy healings at independent retail store events, salons, spas, corporate events, company meetings, art galleries, bachelorette parties, holiday parties. Learn more about how you can add a unique and memorable experience at your next gathering by emailing me or booking a consultation.

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Occult Generation

Comic Series

A successfully Kickstarter funded graphic novel series set in 1927 during the Harlem Renaissance. We are calling this collaborative project, “an experiment to make a comic book like a movie” using real life actors as the characters. After production, the artist uses a unique digital methodology to create comic book magic.

Happy Rice Media


You can check out some of the video projects of worked on over the years as a producer and director at my Tumblr page. Check it out:



A Medium.com publication created to promote unconventional perspectives on all types of compelling subjects that inspire new actions and considerations in the world. My commitment with this publication is to investigate the truth of ideas through the lens of fearless creatives that provoke inspiration and benefit all who read it.


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