April 8th - May 6th

2:00pm - 4:00pm PST

Online Energy Healing



In this is a five week group class experience, You will learn a specific, guided form to give someone a healing to the 7 layers of their aura and their physical body. Additional tools taught in this class include neutralizing charged energy, and connecting someone to their own spirit and energy in a profound way. But more than just learning new tools and skills, you may start to uncover or reinforce what your own unique gifts and talents are as a healer so that you can bring this ability more deeply into your life - for yourself and for others. Energy Healing is a tremendously intimate act for both the healee and the healer.

This class is taught in an experiential style with a live teacher, in a mix of conversation and lecture - but mostly on your feet practicing healings! You get to try first hand and experience in real time what you are learning - with lots of time for questions, clarifications, and immediate feedback. Taking this class in a group setting with a live teacher (rather than through a recording, book, or individually) leverages everyone's questions, comments, and feedback to create a truly rich and powerful learning experience.

This class presents specific, repeatable exercises and active, real-time meditation and healing tools that help you: 

  • Having healthy boundaries as a healer while giving - but also in your life and the world
  • Healing with neutral energy rather than giving away your own energy
  • How to heal yourself while healing others - a win win setup
  • How to have a safe, effective relationship with Healing and Spirit Guides
  • How to be safe when giving and receiving a healing How to heal and repair auras with energy

Psychic Meditation is the pre-requisite for all of our trainings and specialty classes, and is the place to get started at PPS.

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